Some Random stuff which doesn’t fit in anywhere else:


Birmingham Linux User Group

I co-founded the group, originally known as “South Birmingham Linux User Group”, which is why group sometimes gets known as “sb”. It was only called South Birmingham at the time because Birmingham was already taken, but nobody was able to contact the person who had started the original group in order to gain access to the website, mailing list and actually arrange a meeting. Since we were meeting in South Birmingham at the time, this seemed to be logical.

235557The Internet Enabled Wardrobe

My some-time home server. I used to run my website via my home ADSL line from a server located in my wardrobe (getting your own “real” server was expensive back then). This has long since been decommissioned and replaced with a mini ITX system, while my website now runs of my own private VPS in a proper data centre. However, this is what it used to look like!