About Me

What can I say about Me ?

I’m a regular cider/real ale drinker and afraid of nothing (well almost nothing but that’s another story). Most of my friends think I’m mad, but it’s simply my way of getting through the day and coping with the general stress of life. If you can’t smile, what can you do ? (Several things spring to mind !)

I’m a skiing fanatic and hill walking fanatic, but I also have a busy life and don’t live as close to the mountains as I would like, which sort of puts the damper on things. However I try!

I used to be a part time semi-professional DJ on the Birmingham student circuit, but I finally hung up my headphones back in 2013 when the last venue I worked in was turned into a pizza/coffee lounge. Some I’m sort of retired but will play the odd gig for old times sake. Most of my gigs aren’t that odd. Honest.

Being more serious I’m very committed to my work which currently involves playing around with a lot of computers. Some people might consider this a bit nerdy, however, I’m trying to break the image of ‘Software Engineer’ student as ‘Nerd’. One of these days I may have to get a proper job (Perish the thought).

I’m rambling on a bit here.
Who cares.
This is supposed to be all about me.
Roll on me.

I have also been known in the past for my little writings on various comical subjects over the years. However they have been getting more and more strange recently. Psychologists have tried and failed to analyse them. This means that I am fulfilling my aim to become one of the most confusing people who ever lived. They’re not all like that though. I’m told that some actually class as funny, although I have yet to be convinced.

That’s me back in front of an igloo in Scotland. The weather that day was “interesting”…

You can contact me on tim_mw@yahoo.co.uk. Please note, I’m not interested in people suggesting links for my website, I only put up links to things I have found myself.